7-9 November 2016
Crowne Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya
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Infrastructure has played a significant role in Africa’s recent economic turnaround, and is expected to be significant at around 10% per annum to 2025. The need to improve infrastructure to drive economic development is undisputed in order to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. The availability of funding is a common and critical challenge. However, capital does not track needs, it tracks opportunities.

To ensure the need for infrastructure is viewed as an opportunity to provide capital by funders, the long term financing for mega infrastructure projects along with best suitable funding models must be addressed. Africa needs US$93 billion per annum within the coming decade to meet its infrastructure demands. Traditional source of finances have annually contributed approximately US$45 billion which leaves a deficit of US$48 billion per anum.

This in turn has fuelled demand for infrastructure services including energy, transportation, ICT, Water supply & Urban Infrastructure.  There is a crucial gap in the financing for mega infrastructure developments and there is a need to find innovative ways to unlock the funding process. It is necessary to provide more certainty and reduce risks for long-term investors by making projects financially & economically viable.

This Marcus Evans large scale event will provide a one-stop-platform to discover and discuss the latest trends, challenges and future outlook of capital projects and infrastructure in Africa. This platform will explore the options of best funding model to choose according to their project financing needs.


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